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Halo is a good game period.

Spartan Company



Space in and Grind!

77 Members

Est. 3/31/2018

Over 75% to Achilles Helmet! You must subscribe to my YouTube in order to be let in, it lets me know you'll dedicate yourself to get the helmet. My channel:

Once you subscribe, tell me in your join request and I'll 100% get you in.

I work hard on it and you'll enjoy my content. ;)

Everyone is welcome, just make sure you are not in a Spartan company before submitting a request to join. You must be active on Halo 5.

Hello! Welcome to the profile for the active Spartan Company, Spatial.

Spatial is an active Spartan Company for Halo 5. It is open to all players: casual, competitive, you name it. It is NOT military based, it is just for anyone who is active on Halo 5 who wants the infamous Achilles suit.

The rules:
-You MUST play at least one game of Arena or Warzone, every other day. If you are inactive on Arena or Warzone for over two weeks without notice, you will get kicked from the Company. If you cannot be on Halo 5, message me on Xbox @A Lv 88 PIK4CHU and tell me why.
-Custom games, Campaign, and Firefight do not count towards your game every other day, as they do not help complete commendations.
No mic is required, nor level, or skill level. Everyone is welcome, as long as you are active on Halo 5.
-You must have a placement in for Ranked Arena, whether it is bronze or Champion. If you do not, you will get rejected unless you are solely a Warzone player.

You will love this Company!

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