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Est. 8/4/2019

Welcome to Diamond Armada Gaming. (DAGames). Our group is here to have fun. No drama starter, no offending people, no bs. We our fan group that supports and loves (no homo) DAGames. Looking to join? Well, request a invitation (Default text not allowed). Here are the things when you join.

Tags: XDAX (No ranking system. It's to complicated)

Emblem: Still choosing.

If you don't know who DAGames is, why tf are you here? Jk. Please stay and read. You don't have to know DAGames to join. Just having fun is all that matters to us!

Any more questions? Message: xxxHelios or C0DYBenton.

Follow the official DAGames here:

Twitter: @DAGamesOfficial

YouTube: DAGames

Spotify: DAGames

DAGames Merch Site:

The brand new DAGames album #PizzaPuppetPanic is available to purchase both digitally and on CD!

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