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  • "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see."
I am ClandestineWasp, but most people just call me Wasp. Why the name? Honestly, WASP was a nice service tag in reach, so I just kept it afterward. I like to think that the wasp is like my spirit animal. Small, but packs a hell of a punch. I use the above quote from Mohammad Ali as my motto. However, I also believe devoutly in the words of Frank Crane, and that is: "the good player is not the one who always wins, but the one who plays a poor hand well." Because of this, I try and just play my best even when the going gets rough.

I don't play Halo passionately, but I do play it pretty much exclusively. It's the best FPS since GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64. So a little about my gameplay. I like Slayer, Doubles (If I have a good teammate), SWAT, and the occasional BTB. I'm not the best player, but I'm hardly ever less than Platinum.

Spartan Company

Aerial Combat Experts

Aerial Combat Experts

Vehicle Specialists

100 Members

Est. 11/2/2016

⚠️Close to Achilles Helmet⚠️
If the company is full, please still send a request and we can review it as there is space that may be made⚠️

Aerial Combat Experts or ACE is a company based on Vehicles. This company does not have any real goals other than minor aid of Spliced's Youtube Channel, and the ability to play with other players of similar skill level. There are somewhat strict requirements to join however. This is to ensure that those who wish to join are active and serious players.


        • (MUST) Join DISCORD HERE, this is to stay in contact with others.
        • (Optional) Minimum 1-2 Unfriggenbelievable Medals
        • (Atleast) SR 140
  • (Optional) 30+ KPG (Kill Per Game)
        • Attentive listener
        • (Almost) daily active player
        • The ability to help Spliced with minor requests (Body Actor, Extra Player)
        • (Atleast) Diamond in ranked
If you DO NOT Meet the requirements and still wish to join, provide a message as to why you want to join.

Youtube Channel
Twitch Channel

ACHILLES HELMET PROGRESS: Last update 9/10/2020 (98%)
  • Look ma no pin = 32,000 / 38,900 || 6,900 left || 82.26% done - PRIORITY
  • So cuddly = 3520 / 4900 || 1,380 left || 71.83% done - PRIORITY
  • Too Fast For You = 14,230 / 19,400 || 5174 left || 73.35% done
  • The pain train = 3700 / 9,700 || 6,000 left || 38.14% done
Note: Minimum kills per person needed, if each member in the company gets at least this minimum amount we can get Achilles done faster. Also please join our discord to stay notified: DISCORD HERE
All the new members must atleast hit that goal within the month. Some commendations maybe be harder, just do the ones you know you can get done.

All new members are expected to achieve this kill goal if you are looking to achieve the helmet:

- Look ma no pin = 140 kills
- So cuddly = 30 kills
- Too fast for you = 120 kills
- The pain train = 50 kills

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