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Name: [Classified-More commonly known as VENOM One or V1]
Service #: [Classified]
Height: 217.3 cm (post-Augmentation, in armour)
Weight: 285 lb (post-Augmentation, outside armour)
Unit: Fireteam Venom, Leader
Primary Military Specialization: Spartan Ops
Enlistment Date: April 17, 2527
Location: Mobile
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth (Ontario, Canada)
Birth Date: July 19, 2509
Performance: "Hyper Lethal"

Comments: Because of his valor during the Human-Covenant War, he was offered to be part of the newly-created Spartan Branch which he accepted. Before military, he was a regular kid growing up in the suburbs, wanting to be a part of the military and defend humanity from any threat. He is happily married with twin daughters and tries to visit his family whenever he has the chance and cares for them very much.


Spartan's choice of equipment: He wears a GEN2 GUNGNIR armor and is skillful with most weapons but generally carries the Railgun and BR55 battle rifle (Halo 2 Battle Rifle). His BR55 is his most prized possession, even though considered outdated, he used it quite effectively during the prolonged Battle of Earth and thinks it insulting to replace it. After his Spartan-IV augmentations, his proficiency with both weapons has greatly increased. Sometimes, he will bring his M6 Spartan Laser should the need arise (if there are multiple enemy armor or they need to blast down certain immovable obstacles like massive barricades or doors that just refuse to open).

Spartan's previous engagements: He enlisted very early in the Human-Covenant war at a young age (in his teen years he always looked older and with the outlook of having to fight a two-front war between the Covenant and Insurrection, the UNSC was taking any soldier they could get their hands on with his parents very supportive surprisingly), he fought in the many stages of the Harvest Campaign, later participating in the Battle of Arcadia. V1 also came into conflict with Atriox's clan and Decimus himself, seeing many of his fellow soldiers die, though killing many brutes in return. He, along with some Spartan-IIs and other soldiers, had battled Thel 'Lodamee's battlegroup on Miridem, coming into conflict with 'Lodamee himself, though Thel escaped to capture Dr. Halsey instead, which cost Thel his entire battalion. V1 would later participate in the Battle of Reach as well as the Installation 04 conflict, serving alongside many Spartan units (including Noble Team) as well as serving alongside the Masterchief on Installation 04 (how he escaped remains classified). Later on Earth, he again fought alongside the John-117 as well as Buck in various battles, and his many experiences made him highly respect the Spartans. He fought in the last battle of the Human-Covenant War on Installation 00.

Current Operations: Fireteam Venom occasionally engages Insurrectionists or Covenant Remnants of varying factions, working alongside Thel 'Vadam's Swords of Sanghelios. They have taken down numerous bases belonging to Atriox's Banished, though have yet to encounter Atriox. Venom also participated in the destruction of Jul 'Mdama's military fortresses on Hesduros and fought against the Warden Eternal (one of its bodies anyways), succeeded in destroying it.

Notable Relations: Being the leader of Fireteam Venom, he gets along with his team very well, and makes sure there is no conflict within the team. As stated, V1 fought alongside both the Master Chief and Noble Team, and was relieved though not surprised to find out that the Master Chief was still alive. V1 also fought alongside Forge during the Harvest Campaign and Arcadia and greatly looked up to him. He also fought alongside N'tho 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham on the Ark, gaining both their respects, and thinks Thel 'Vadam as a very capable leader. V1 doesn't think highly of Andrew Del Rio, as a captain or a senator, thinking him incompetent at both and respecting Lasky much more. He is disgusted by Rio's disrespect of Spartan-IIs in general.

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