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A long time Halo fan from Western Massachusetts, I've been with the series since 2001. I like making friends so if you want to chat feel free to shoot me a message. I promise I don't bite.

I don't play Halo with a competitive mindset. I play it to relax and let off steam from my day to day life. I'm not concerned with things like my K/D or winning, I'm only concerned with having a good time, having some laughs, getting some matches in and enjoying myself overall.

My favorite mode is campaign and Halo's story and lore are super fascinating to me, so if anyone wants to talk about lore, I'm always open.

Spartan Company



Collecting Skulls Since 2557.

93 Members

Est. 8/8/2020

—💯—100% of Gamers are allowed to join nobody will be kicked/replaced unless a player isn’t being a good sport.—💯—
—💀—(aka inappropriate language, abuse, harassment, etc.)—💀—

—🤝—If we work together, we maybe can get the Achilles Gear before 2897!—🤝—

—🎮—Lets Do This gamers!—🎮—

—💀—There are only 2 game requirements to remain once accepted. You MUST be online at least once a week unless you're power or WiFi is out, or life events arise. (This game time requirement rule does not apply to the Leader or the Company Lieutenants.) The log-in week runs from Monday to Sunday. Play any game mode that helps towards achieving Achilles before that following Monday to not be counted absent.

The second requirement is simple, don't be mean to fellow Skull Spartans on any platform.

If possible, please try to join one of my Squadrons, if you can.

—🥉🥈🥇—. We are all different skill levels, from noob to 152 I-didn’t-know-I-was-playing-reach. —🥉🥈🥇—

If you speak Spanish, it is recommended that you also speak English!
Si habla espanol, se recomienda que hable ingles!

—🤴— Leadership: Cr33perbl4st—🤴—

Avalon kros

🥇—💪—🥇Trial of Achilles: Armor: 27 commendations completed, helmet: 2 mastery requirements met🥇—💪—🥇

—💀—There are now warzone weekends. We strongly encourage our members to properly get to know each striking fear into the hearts of our enemies!—💀—

—💀—Join our Discord Server(s) if you want to ask questions.—💀—

The FIRST Squadron to complete all of their commendations gets a reward for their hard work!

—💀—Last updated 11/15/2020—💀—

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