Being a true spartan doesn't come from knowledge, it comes from skill.
Show the way to greatness
Rather than fight the enemy on objective modes, i focus on doing the objective, like capturing flags or Stronghold points. I prefer halo 2 and halo 4 over halo 3, but i will accept a halo CE game.
Preferred weapons: Close Quarter Battles. SMG, Shotgun, Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, and the Scattershot are my weapons of choice. I do suck at long ranges, however, so i avoid the Sniper rifle, Beam rifle (H2 version, too), Binary Rifle, Light Rifle, and DMR when i can.

I have seen too many people getting banned on forums for either posting content that isn't appropriate, or for making multiple accounts to bypass forum bans. I have been banned only ONCE,

. I apologized. I wouldn't try to push the ban hammer even further, and you shouldn't do so yourself. You need to respect the admins in control.

Spartan Company

Assassin nations

Assassin nations

No guns at the knife party!


10 Members

Est. 3/4/2017

Just a simple company that anyone can join.

You don't always have to be active. That is your preference. If you want to just socialise and chill with fellow gamers, that is fine.

Also, you don't need to only play halo 5.

Just be respectful and play by the rules.

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact me.
The rules:
  1. Play fair
  2. Have fun
  3. When you get the opportunity, assassinate any enemies 😉
I don't care what happens out there, what happens on the battlefield, stays on the battlefield.

We aren't gonna enforce any forced colour or emblem rules cos we all know there a pile of rubbish.

I look forward to seeing you out there,

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