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Being a true spartan doesn't come from knowledge, it comes from skill.
Rather than fight the enemy on objective modes, i focus on doing the objective, like capturing flags or Stronghold points. I prefer halo 2 and halo 4 over halo 3, but i will accept a halo CE game.
Preferred weapons: Close Quarter Battles. SMG, Shotgun, Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, and the Scattershot are my weapons of choice. I do suck at long ranges, however, so i avoid the Sniper rifle, Beam rifle (H2 version, too), Binary Rifle, Light Rifle, and DMR when i can.

How do maintain my loyalty
1. Don't assume that just because you have a Champion / Onyx rank in a ranked playlist, that you have special privileges in the forums.
2. Don't (Recklessly) Criticize 343 Industries. Constructive criticism is OK. Mocking them or calling them something inappropriate is not.
3. Don't use your beliefs in a manner that would cause trolling or interference in the forums. Your beliefs do matter, but don't say that your beliefs don't as your defense.
4. Do Treat others with respect, even if they beat you in a game. Do not threaten revenge, It can scare him from playing online games.

I participate in Discord in Forza, Halo, Grid, CRM (Casual Racing Mondays, and FRL (Fury Racing League).
My Codemasters Forum Profile.

Spartan Company

Project Extinction

Project Extinction

Player Driven Story

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Est. 2/17/2017

Official Spartan Company for Project Extinction Player Driven Story

Project Extinction, where the last of us come to serve and die.
New section published every Monday between 12pm and 3pm GMT

How it works?
Each week, I will post a good size addition to the story of Project Extinction, which sees the characters take part in an adventure or confrontation with each other.

The year is 2553, the Covenant has splintered into countless factions each with its own objectives and purpose. The insurrection, not contempt with humanities unity during the war, has risen up to prominence again.

Project Extinction is an organisation set up to secretly or openly fight against these threats to humanity. Under the supervision of Captain Arctic, with the assistance of his AI Frankie, the project undergoes many operations to discredit the reputation of many groups, even those affiliated with the UNSC to prolong the safety of Humanity.

The characters present in the story are created by YOU and therefore you have a stake in the story. You can create a maximum of two characters. The first is your Protagonist, which is your main character and whom I am unable to kill without your permission. The other is the Sidekick. They can have the same stake in the plot, however I can kill them at any time. State which character is which so I know who is who.

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