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I am writing this to let everyone know a little about me.

I am a Halo fan and I am in the process of writing a Fanfiction crossover between Halo and one of my other favourite things Stargate(the TV series not the movie).

I have a dog called Pepper and it is a Cockapoo(cross between Cocker Spaniel and Poodle).

My favourite Character in the Halo franchise is the AI CORTANA as you can tell from my avatar. The reason behind this is complicated but to put it in simple terms I just think that the character was well thought out(there were other more complicated reasons but this is the simplest one).

My Favourite Spartan in the Halo Franchise is the Spartan II Linda-058, she is a sniper and is really great at it.

I have been playing Halo since the original Halo Combat Evolved(I still have a copy of the original) game came out.

I am currently reading what I can about Halo to make it as detailed as possible in my fanfiction unfortunately I didn't buy the novels because I spend most of my earnings on my rent and food so I use other sources.

I hope everyone will correct me if I state anything and it happens to be wrong.

If you look at my service record then you will find that I don't often play online it is more getting all the achievements I can while playing through the campaign however I will occasionally go online to play with other people.

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