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The name's Sebastian, and I'm the South American Western Hog-Nosed Pit Viper. Since seeing the majority of Earthlings being unprincipled to get muscular, or virtuous to be sexy I decided in my adolescence to vs these "heretics"|peasents from attaining knave|buccaneer. Not even troupes can change my pride from becoming a Forest Ranger still. I'm a Polish-North American in the U.S. State Illinois.

I started on Halo 2, but wasn't mentally ready for it (I was possibly 7-11 years old) until a neighborhood Polish boy, a younger brother to my sisters acquaintance, played it with me in my parents basement at long last. It went great. I have never given up on Halo since. Bungie gave me a code for the Reach Beta when I had played Halo 3 for 2 years consecutively. After I made Field Major was when I began to have a prominent precedence amongst the party animals. I stopped partying uncouthly at 23 to focus on my Polish legacy. That's Kawaler in Poland- "Cavalier" essentially, for Bachelor.

In order of gameplay:
Halo 2: Campaigning, a system link party where I got to know MLG thanks to that sword crucible royale. I also did Xbox Live matches, when I was proficient later with Halo 3. My RANK is:
Halo 3: Campaigning, with the Xbox Live matchmaking rank Field Major. That's 1558 wins in total experience. The Xbox 1 says my highest skill attained is 32, but on a Xbox 360 I remember getting 34. Thankful to see it at the least at 30.
LONE WOLVES: Skill Rank 30 {Social Rank: Lieutenant.}
SWAT: Skill Rank 27 {Social Rank: Field Major.}
TEAM SLAYER: Skill Rank 22 {Social Rank: Captain Grade 2.}
TEAM DOUBLES: Skill Rank 19 {Social Rank: Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2.}
TEAM SNIPERS: Skill Rank 17 {Social Rank: Master Sergeant.}
MLG: Skill Rank 8 {Social Rank: Sergeant.}
(social playlists)
SOCIAL SLAYER: 615 experience {General}.
RUMBLE PIT: 121 experience {Captain Grade 3}.
MULTITEAM: 71 experience {Lieutenant Grade 3}.
SOCIAL BIG TEAM: 30 experience {Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2}.
SOCIAL SKIRMISH: 13 experience {Sergeant}.
TEAM MYTHIC: 8 experience {Corporal}.
Halo 3: ODST: 01|23|2021 a Xbox Live vidmaster achievement resolved the options of playing all Halo 3 matchmaking. I finished its campaign solo on EASY afterwards.
Halo Reach: Field Marshall.
Halo Wars: Finished a campaign. On what difficulty I don't care to remember.
Halo: Combat Evolved: Viewed, books a decade after Halo 2, a ex-relationship had it be her own 1st or 2nd date, and in 2020 I made it to the black armor with Xbox Live at Chicago's Ignite Gaming Lounge on the Master Chief Collection. Now I need a flamethrower picture in my files...
Halo 4: HAZOP game of the year edition camoflage. 87+ SR. These are the commendations I mastered before I quit at SAW mastery: Assistant, Battle Rifle, Bullet In The Brain, Combat Opportunity, Exterminator, Hail Of Death, Sniper Rifle, Slayer High Score, Spartan Slayer, Splatter.
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: My gamerscore became 10000 thanks to the achievement "Assault on the Control Room" 02|17|2021. A Splatter Spree was put in my File Share, too. With, and after, "The Library", I finished the campaign on heroic with the bandana, eyepatch, and foreign skulls activated. But the last level was legendary.
Halo 5: A special assault rifle color.
Halo: The Master Chief Collection: Finished Halo 1 campaign and got the Halo 1 soldier tags nameplate, made my Halo 4 spartan HAZOP, Halo 3 an E.V.A. with orange visor.
Halo Wars 2: No rank yet.
Halo Infinite: Monarch.

I created the HaloProtocol Fandom Wiki to roleplay spartans by correct colors of military divisions. My SPARTAN commando happens to be of the U.N.S.C. Army, cross trained in RECRUIT and ROGUE I settled on being a HAZOP SPARTAN.

I skateboard, am a swordsman, am going to take horseback riding lessons, train in the Polish language and earn a motorcycle mechanics license. I'm also gaining muscle to have a buff physique.

Spartan Company

Primeval Company

Primeval Company

Blood for blood!


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Est. 4/24/2020

You need to have your favorite animal in your name some how to be a part of Primeval Company.

We'll be having skull-thrones/wing-thrones to our skill.

in Primeval Company we will train in teams of three (3). No leaders (Lance Corporals) just Private First Class. Every member of Primeval Company shall start in a team for assault rifle training. As you, or your team progresses you'll be amped for success in the field. After training practice is your own duty.

PRACTICE: Field training. In matchmaking switching between your assault rifle and chosen marksmen rifle.

Training will comprise of Assault Rifle team collaboration, Battle Rifle battle royals, Sniper shadowing, Sword duels, Grenade lures, E.V.A. and flamethrower arbiteering.

If you'd like to get to know each other furthermore, but your favorite animal isn't as predator as my own (for example), we will make appreciation videos with one another. That's viewing old matches and admiring our SPARTAN in war-games/matchmaking, or even campaign. Halo 4 has Spartan Ops; missions where your actual SPARTAN is role-played on mission. The ingenuity of the Halo games will come out gradually with your effort with our team work.

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