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The name's Sebastian, and I'm the South American Western Hog-Nosed Pit Viper. I'm a Polish nobleman, and a U.S.A. swordsman.

In order of gameplay:
Halo 2: Campaigned, a system link party where I got to know MLG thanks to that sword crucible royale. I also did Xbox Live matches, when I was proficient later with Halo 3. My RANK is:
Halo 3: Campaigned, with the Xbox Live matchmaking rank Field Major. That's 1558 wins in total experience. The Xbox 1 says my highest skill attained is 32, but on a Xbox 360 I remember getting 34. Thankful to see it at the least at 30.
LONE WOLVES: Skill Rank 32 {Social Rank: Lieutenant Grade 2.}
SWAT: Skill Rank 27 {Social Rank: Field Major.}
TEAM SLAYER: Skill Rank 22 {Social Rank: Captain Grade 2.}
TEAM DOUBLES: Skill Rank 19 {Social Rank: Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2.}
TEAM SNIPERS: Skill Rank 17 {Social Rank: Master Sergeant.}
MLG: Skill Rank 8 {Social Rank: Sergeant.}
(social playlists)
SOCIAL SLAYER: 615 experience {General}.
RUMBLE PIT: 121 experience {Captain Grade 3}.
MULTITEAM: 71 experience {Lieutenant Grade 3}.
SOCIAL BIG TEAM: 30 experience {Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2}.
SOCIAL SKIRMISH: 13 experience {Sergeant}.
TEAM MYTHIC: 8 experience {Corporal}.
Halo Reach: Campaigned. Field Marshall.
Halo Wars: Finished the campaign on easy.
Halo 3: ODST: 01|23|2021 a Xbox Live vidmaster achievement resolved the options of playing all Halo 3 matchmaking. I finished its campaign solo on EASY afterwards.
Halo: Combat Evolved: Viewed, then books a decade after Halo 2, an ex-relationship had it be her own 1st or 2nd date, and in 2020 I made it to the black armor with Xbox Live at Chicago's Ignite Gaming Lounge on the Master Chief Collection.
Halo 4: Finished campaign on normal, and the spartan ops on easy. HAZOP armor. 95+ SR. These are the commendations I mastered before I quit at SAW mastery: Assistant, Battle Rifle, Bullet In The Brain, Combat Opportunity, Exterminator, Hail Of Death, Sniper Rifle, Slayer High Score, Spartan Slayer, Splatter. Squad Automatic Weapon commendation accomplished 03|12|2021.
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: My gamerscore became 10000 thanks to the achievement "Assault on the Control Room" 02|17|2021. A Splatter Spree was put in my File Share, too. With, and after, "The Library", I finished the campaign on heroic with the bandana, eyepatch, and foreign skulls activated. But the last level was set to legendary.
Halo 5: Solod the campaign on heroic. Spartan Rank: 51; Flood VISR, ROGUE helmet, VECTOR armor, "Stealth" emblem.
Halo: The Master Chief Collection: Finished Halo 1 campaign and got the Halo 1 soldier tags nameplate, made my Halo 4 spartan HAZOP, Halo 3 an E.V.A. with orange visor.
Halo Infinite: Monarch armor.

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