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The Order of the Swords

The Order of the Swords

Bring Order out of Chaos


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Est. 3/3/2016

The Shinigami Swords Clan was first founded on the 26th of September 2007 with the EU release of Halo 3 from the remnants of several filming clans including Cheezy Films and CKG Studios CA. To begin with, the clan had no name, several individuals simply began to play together as a unit in Big Team Battle under the same Valkyrie Emblem. But after just a matter of days of fighting together they decided to form the Shinigami Swords Clan. Winning more and more games, and having fun as they did so, they grew in number until there were enough of them to form a platoon.

Before long, they began to constantly dominate the Halo 3 BTB Playlist and after a while they began to have so many active members on at once that they actually had to divide down into two, sometimes three, BTB teams just to be able to play. Their coordination made all the difference and allowed them to stay undefeated across their entire Halo 3 lifespan in clan matches and across a wide majority of their BTB matches. The sight of their Valkyrie was enough to make entire other teams quit at the start of the game, knowing just what would be in store for them had they stayed.

In 2010 on September 14th, Halo Reach was released. Although at first the SSC wasn't comfortable with the new armour abilities, they soon learned to use them powerfully and alongside the new vehicles and maps, managed to start developing brand new tactics and strategies. This was also the first time they would start timing weapon and vehicle spawns in order to maximize efficiency of a map to control the flow of the gameplay and this in turn would allow them to go for weeks at a time without accumulating any defeats whatsoever. They began to form alliances with other clans including PGC to form bigger groups such as The Collective.

By 2012 the release of Halo 4 had rolled on and the clan had released their first montage, This Is Our Story, which showcased their fighting prowess across Halo 3, Reach and 4. However, the unbalanced Ordnance mechanic in BTB killed the clan's tenacity for matchmaking and they started playing competitive customs only, placing 9th in's 2013 Winter Tournament. At it's height, the SSC had more than enough members to fill a Company.

In 2015, the Master Chief Collection was finally fixed to a semi-playable standard and Halo 5 was released, allowing the clan to slowly recovery its strength, getting ready once again to dominate the BTB playlists, blast out some fun customs and develop some unique new strategies with the new (and old) game mechanics re-released across the two games on a brand new platform.

They stand as few, but close together, and although they may not have the number they once had, they still have the memories they shared and the countless battles and late nights they fought together side-by-side. We are those whom have walked across the Surface of the Sun and we are those whom have defied the norm by making our own path through each and every game. We are the Shinigami Swords Clan, we are the Order of the Swords.

Bring Order out of Chaos.

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