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Hello. My name is Crimsonkiller52. That's a mouthful. Call me Crimson.

I like to play video games. Halo is one of those games. I am both a competitive and casual player, but that usually depends on the situation.

I've played Halo since 2011, and have grown a place in my heart for it. (I might have to see a doctor about that. Hello? Dr. Ling?)

I am the leader of Phoenix Battalion. (The)Feel(when no gf) free to message me if you want to join.

This companion likes: Loyalty to the First Order, sick spins, anti-traitor sticks
This companion dislikes: Traitors, warm milk, getting Jarated

Spartan Company

Phoenix Battalion

Phoenix Battalion

Respawn from the ashes.


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Est. 1/16/2016

Welcome to Phoenix Battalion!
Here, we accept people of all skill levels; we don't care if you're a competitive player that is somehow able to 360 no-scope everyone or a casual player that just bought Halo 5 from your local video game store. All we ask is that you serve and represent our company well. Be a team player, be a good sport, be a goody two shoes (actually, don't because you might end up not getting any kills). Just make us look good out there! Have friends that are interested in joining? Tell them they're welcome!*

Don't forget: When you're in this company, you don't just respawn. You are reborn from the ashes.

*Note: Spaces are limited. We will not accept the default enlistment message. Tell us what you can do, and why you wanna join (except for the Achilles thing, everyone's gonna say that).

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