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Former Competitive Player

Hello People I am Das FPS. I am a competitive player. I love Halo and all of the community!
Goal to achieve: To be Semi-Pro

Was Featured In The "Golden Clouds" Community Update on 8/17/17 from the "Halo 5 - Summer Montage Edited By Captur" plus got fire skinn:]

Competitive History:
Placed Top 10 on GB 1v1s (first time doing GBS)
Competed In One Event

Official Das101x Youtube Channel

Spartan Company

Knights Of Das

Knights Of Das

Knights never fall


8 Members

Est. 1/15/2017

Welcome to the Das Army, you have been chosen because you are the best either that or friends. We are here to have fun and grind Achilles (maybe). So ya!!!

Please Check below for all of the links :)

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