A gamer, a sportsman and an aspiring filmmaker from the freezing land of Scandinavian Finland! ;D

  • A halo fan since 2013
  • Graphics: great! Gameplay: fluid! Progression: addicting! But what I love the most is Halos story/lore!
  • my favorite games are H3, H4 & reach (+SPV3;)
  • favorite book: Halo first strike (I've read 7 so far)
  • I follow Act man, Forge labs, HiddenXperia & Latenight gaming for Halo news (used to do Luke the notable... but RIP his Halo content:)
  • My dream, and you can bet your play time on it happening, is to write and direct the Halo film
I'm also a Halo content creator on Youtube, I'd greatly appreciate any of your insights on my content! :)

Spartan Company



Suomi Finland Perkele!

99 Members

Est. 10/31/2015

Finland has the highest amount of active Finnish Halo players out of the Finnish spartan companies.
Join us now if you wish to be one of us!

***Finland will rise again!

We will be there saving your life and slaying the enemies.
Crushing their hopes and winning the fights.
Come and join us brothers and sisters.

Together we are stronger.***

Company only for Finnish Halo players.


Finlandissa on suurin määrä aktiivisia suomalaisia Halo pelaajia suomalaisista spartan komppanioista.
Liity meihin nyt jos haluat olla yksi meistä!

***Suomi nousee jälleen!

Me tulemme olemaan siellä pelastamassa henkesi ja tappamassa viholliset.
Murskaamassa heidän toivonsa ja voittamassa taistelut.
Tulkaa ja liittykää meihin veljet ja siskot.

Yhdessä olemme vahvempia.***

Komppania ainoastaan suomalaisille Halo pelaajille.


*Achilles armour unlocked 24.07.2016*

*Achilles helmet unlocked 07.08.2017*

We are the first and only spartan company consisting only of Finnish Halo players that has unlocked the complete Achilles set.


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ehdotukset ja kysymykset voi ohjata
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Tommi theKrogan

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