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Est. 10/19/2015

July 2020 Update:
Unity is now up and running. The admin team is now active daily with other members also present online within the company. New members are joining every day. Secure your place now!

Halo Infinite is scheduled to be shown on July 23rd which is exciting news! Hopefully we will see a date for the Beta. Unity will be present for the Beta, Flighting and full release of the game. We’ll keep you posted.

We are also recruiting and scouting for new members. Feel free to drop a application, we check waypoint everyday so please be patient for a response.

Please note; if you send a application we are unable to accept it if you join another company. If you want to join this specific company please wait for us to accept, thanks.
//TheDonCJG - Admin Team

The Achilles armour set is NO LONGER attainable from this company as we have already completed the commendations on the following dates:
Achilles Armour - March 15th 2016
Achilles Helmet - October 9th 2016


Mission Statement

Unity is a Spartan Company that is focused on community, playing together and of course, winning!

We are mainly based within the UK & Europe. We do have many American & Australian players too so don’t be shy to apply if you’re from another country. We welcome all international players.

Applicant Requirements

A microphone is highly preferred. It’s needed for basic communication in game and for everyone to talk and get to know each other.

Players with a high win percentage and a decent K/D will be prioritised applicants. However even if you’re not the best player we will consider you too.

We prefer that you be 16+ to join. This allows us to maintain a level of maturity and respect between our members.

If you wish to apply we would prefer if you could tell us about your history with Halo and gaming. Our goal is to build a decent player base. We do check stats for most applications.

Admin Team

Upon joining the company please add all of the Admin Team to your friends list. This helps us to send invites, see who’s online and build our community, thanks.

Conor#5017 (Leader/UK)
TheDonCJG (Admin/UK)
Moyer (Admin/UK)
WS3gamer97 (Admin/UK)
LeLegacyOfTywin (Admin/EU)
Lash ALV (Admin/US)

High-Value Target Takedowns:
In our time playing, we’ve matched some noteworthy figures in the Halo community. Here’s who we’ve come across and defeated!
iSpiteful (YT) x2
UberNick (YT)
Naded (HCS)
Unyshek (343i)
SnickerDoodle (343i)
Postums (343i)

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