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Note that my Waypoint account is not linked to my old Xbox account. You can only browse my PC/Steam/MCC data on this profile. It's surprisingly difficult to move emails and all that... Without further ado, my bio:

I jumped into Halo at Halo 2 and played split-screen with my brothers. I have two brothers (and a gamer dad) so naturally we played matchmaking more than the campaign (with only two player coop).

When the Xbox 360 and Halo 3 released, we all got our own Xbox live accounts and a couple consoles. When we invited friends over, we would system link our consoles from separate rooms or play online together with guest accounts. Over several years, we spent endless hours in Halo 3, ODST Firefight, and Reach.

A few of my friends and I, but not my brothers, bought Halo 4. I enjoyed the Story and played a fair share of matchmaking, but was starting to transition into PC gaming at this time.

When Halo 5 was released, I bought it. You gotta play the newest Halo games, right? I played the campaign (once) and appreciated the matchmaking's move to be more competitive, but ultimately returned to PC gaming. I've lost my touch on a controller and the game was really fast paced... and that was it... the end of my Halo career...


I played an unusually fun game with an an usually short lifespan (I'll say no more)... “The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.” - Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching

...and then...

The Master Chief Collection is on PC! I'm having a blast achievement hunting in all the campaigns, and occasionally dabbling in matchmaking. I never really got a chance before to appreciate Combat Evolved, so it's nice to go back, and I'm loving it's (and Halo 2's) anniversary graphics. On top of that, the new challenge system is now rewarding me (and my friends) for enjoying coop.

I can't wait for Halo 4 to drop later this year. I'm sure I'll do one more Heroic playthrough of all the campaigns leading up to Infinite's release... I've got Halo 5 on my console, which I might need to dust off for completion's sake... Right?

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