I suck at shooters, but shooters suck at socializing.

Hey! I'm Dan! You're probably reading my bio because or you found me because of my posts at the forums, or because you're just simply bored with your life so badly that you decided to read about a useless -Yoink- at shooting games, that made him be the Public Relations Representative of the Clan I'm In. OK. Let's begin.

I'm Dan, good to meet you. I suck at everything related to a shooting game, except for the magical shotguns. Now you know my weapon of choice. You know? It is funny that I still suck because I've been playing all Halo games since I have memory and completed all of their campaigns in Normal because I don't care. I'm not a try-hard, or a -Yoink-. Well, I so am a -Yoink-, but that's why I use irony in my posts. I have been in a Halo 5 Clan calles OMA (Orbital Military Alliance), with the rank of Master Sargent of the Air Force and the role of Public Relationships Rep, so that may say I am better with people than ANY other of us. Just kidding. We are all pretty cool. I tend to manage recruits, the classes and lessons, the training sessions, the psychological reports of all of our members (Pretty high maintenance, I know. I rock as a boyfriend), and pretty much all that stuff...

On my free time, on Xbox, I play mostly racing games or games that relax me. Which are few, and I wont search for their names just for your interest. Although, in real life, I am studying fashion design at college, yet, I'm not gay (as far as I know). I also like writing poetry, drawing comics and listen to music. Pretty cheesy, I know.

So, regarding to the gaming genre and Halo overall, my weapon of choice is definitely the shotgun, that's why you saw, you creepy person, that I'm only ranked in Breakout. That's not just the reason, but I'm there also because is one way to test your people into strategies, when to back up, and how to behave as a team. Damn...

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