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99 problems, Achilles aint one

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Est. 11/5/2015

SPAWN KILL REPEAT (SKR) is a Spartan Company for active and competitive players in both Europe and North America. Our goal is to create a healthy environment that will allow you to easily find like-minded players with whom you can enjoy the different aspects of the game.

Our more active members host daily fireteams in both sides of Halo (Warzone and Arena). Some members even stream on twitch during game nights. SKR also has a collaboration with Paradise Gaming to create content for YouTube. In addition, SKR runs weekly in-company challenges that allow members to compete for awards (Xbox Live memberships, etc). Game nights will be open to members and new recruits, so if you want to see what we're about then stop by for some mayhem!

Our Spartan Companies:

Interested in joining the ranks of SKR? Feel free to write us an application if you meet the requirements below:

* Age 18+
* Have a microphone and speak fluent English.
* Active participant in commendation progress.
* Have positive K/D in both Warzone and Arena.

Please keep in mind that new Recruits WILL NOT receive the Achilles armor or helmet since they were not part of the company when we earned it.

SKR Leadership receives a massive amount of requests on a daily basis. Set yourself apart by including a personalized message on the reasons why you would like to be a part of SKR, your goals within Halo 5, the most likely hours to find you available, what playlists you are proficient at, and any players you know within the company.

SKR challenges you to make our recruitment staff's job hard by sending us the best application you can possibly write. Requests will be automatically rejected if they contain the default message. Any questions or concerns can be directed to any of our staff.

Once a member of SKR, there are a few easy-to-follow rules that must be observed at all times:
  • Remain active on the forums and in-game. Please inform us if you will be absent for a prolonged period of time.
  • When in chat, remain respectful and non-aggressive; you are playing with your team, NOT the enemy.
  • Play to the best of your ability and have fun doing it. Don't give up: losses are more important then winning if you want to learn and improve.
  • Maintain your composure; raging or quitting matches will NOT be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from SKR.
Thank you for your time.

- SKR Leadership

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