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Faction: The Disciples, The Covenant (Formerly), ASH, SAF, Trident of Revelation

Age: 57

Rank: Supreme Commander

Height: 8.2ft

Species: Sangheili

Birthplace: Marum, Sanghellios

Job: Leader of Trident of Revelation (T.O.R), Kaidon of Marum

Nicknames/Titles: Leader of T.O.R, SP, Boss-Man

Gender: Male

Voice: Similar to Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime

Enemies: Turok Nar 'Mdragath, Desticrons, Agranam 'Vuzi, Vuzi Dargany, The Covenant Empire, Covenant Remnants, The Jiralhanae Covenant


'Saviour of Innocents': Saviour of Innocents is his sword made exclusively for attack. This makes it a pretty handy weapon. Especially if you have a preference for going after your enemy's face. A Modified, Customised Energy Sword with thorns protruding from the sides and Golden Markings that has served him well ever since he created it.

'Smite of Marum': This one in particular is designed for defence, and it damn well does work as a defence weapon. But really its mostly been used for attack. With a wrist guard and a small but noticeable crystal protruding from the hilt.

'Judicial Barrage': A Modified, Customised Missriah Armoury MA-37 Assault Rifle, Judicial Barrage is a semi explosive kind of assault rifle, and the primary weapon of Thora 'Marumee. Only used by the leader of the T.O.R when all attempts at peace have failed, Judicial Barrage ensures that freedom and fairness is the right of all beings.

'Trident of Revelation': A custom-made Trident modelled after Poseidon's Trident from Greek mythology.

Personality: The Leader of Trident of Revelation is Thora 'Marumee, who believes freedom is the right of all sentient beings, he is a good heartened man, who serves as a lesson that it is much better to be the nicer person, to stand for what is right. His experience in war has taught him that all beings, no matter their species can fight and win in the fight, he will stop at nothing to make sure the Galaxy is safe from annihilation or worse. Even in times of ordeal, Thora speaks patriotically and ensures that justice will be upheld for as long as possible. He would gladly sacrifice his own life to ensure the safety of others. The Poster boy for all that is good and righteous. Thora, unlike many Sangheili, holds no grudge towards anyone if they have mistreat him, however, his sense of justice kicks in when they have done the same to others. Thora holds no visible interest in romantic relationships or helping himself instead of others. He is not invincible, perhaps Thora's greatest weakness is his need to protect others, his need to save the innocent, which can backfire on him and be used to the advantage of a foe. He can be played like a game in this respect to get him killed or for him to fail something miserably.


"The trees of freedom were planted from the seeds of unity."

"Fate rarely calls upon us at a time of our choosing."

"There is a line between being a hero and being a memory."

Thora: "The Covenant, our home. Once grand and honourable, but pride and a lust for power divided us, now we fight, enemies, who were once our brothers. Our tragic war has ravaged worlds." Turok: "It is a necessary war, to return us to glory." Thora: "We will never sacrifice freedom." Turok: "I will bring this world to order!" Thora: "Our defeat would mean the end of everything." Turok: "My victory will mark a brilliant new beginning!" Thora: "One shall stand." Turok: "And one shall fall."

"When night falls, my Trident shall be Revealed!"

"Turok!!! Today you answer for your crimes against the Sangheili, and against Humanity."

"In this Universe there is good and evil, but the line between can be almost impossible to find, does one deed for good make a hero? Is a villain forged from a simple mistake? In the End, answers never come easy, it's supposed to be simple, but it is not."

"In this Universe, there are two sides to every story, there is an equal, and an opposite, good, and evil, for every hero, a villain, for every light, darkness, and for every victory...defeat."

Spartan Company

Trident of Revelation

Trident of Revelation

Freedom is the right of all


3 Members

Est. 12/20/2015

Type: Coalition Alliance/Defense and Attack force/Emergency Military

Founder: Thora 'Marumee

Head of State: Supreme Commander

Capital(s): New York, Earth and Marum, Sanghelios

Official Language(s): Various languages spoken between Humans, Sangheili, Unggoy, Lekgolo

Official Religions: Various Human Religions, Worship of Forerunners (Heavily Individualised)

Known Clients: UNSC, Sangheilian Armed Forces, Herrius' Master Pack, The Promethean Rebellion, Galactic Police, Mercenary Squad Unbroken, Dromund Empire, House of Marum, Locally Affilliated-Keeps and States, The Prophet of Justice, The Yan'me'e Queen, Grand Council of Kaidons

Affiliation: UNSC, United Earth Government, Allied Sangheili Houses, Sangheilian Armed Forces, Grand Council of Kaidons, United Powers

Technology Tier: Tier 2 and Tier 3

Formation: July 2552 (After dissolution of the Covenant)

Overview: A Coalition Alliance between Human and Covenant-Allied species made for defense of the galaxy by targeting any threats in sight.

Formation Details:

After the Dissolution of the original Covenant and the beginning of the Jiralhanae Covenant, Supreme Commander Thora 'Marumee, after his Human ally left to pursue a 'haunting' from his past, the leaders of the UNSC wanted to give Thora command of their fleet, thus restoring his status as Supreme Commander, and attempt to bring his old fleet into alliance. The Supreme Commander agreed, beginning the coalition force, he named it 'Trident of Revelation'. 'Marumee, after gaining his new Fleet, broadcast his heresy across the galaxy, attempting to inspire many former Covenant soldiers into joining him, most from his original Covenant Fleet joined, but soon more from other parts of the Covenant joined with them. All species were allowed to join.

It was difficult for the soldiers from both factions to mend the wounds of countless years of war, but eventually, they gained something not even the UNSC nor the Covenant could make alone. They made trust, trust between each other. And thus, T.O.R was born.

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