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Spartan Company

Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction

Official Biotic Crisis


65 Members

Est. 2/22/2016

2020 Update:
Halo 6 - Release date is said to be Holiday 2020. If Spartan Companies are back... Mass Extinction will return.

Message Board:
"Its been a privilege to lead an outstanding community like this and I shall continue to march on forward with you. I could not have done it without my leadership to guide and the members to build and together we created this incredible spartan company so I personally thank you. Unlocking the Achilles armor is the greatest feeling and each member of Mass Extinction should wear it loud and proud. I promise we will be back up and running as soon as Halo 6 knocks at our doors. Stay classy, slay away, fly free and when you hear the order to return I expect to see each and every one of you back and ready to do it all over again.

Till next time,"


Mass Extinction Official Biotic Crisis Team Achilles Set Unlocked:
Achilles Armor Unlocked: June 24th, 2016
Achilles Helmet Unlocked: January 7th, 2017

Achilles Helmet Update: 100%
1. Mastery Requirements Met 62/62
2. Commendation Level Completed 155/155

Mass extinction has finally completed all Kill Commendations. Both Achilles piece's is ours to take home and we will wear it proudly. We like to thank everyone that wanted to participate by join us on this journey. We will always remain a gaming community.

Mass Extinction is the perfect fit for any Halo player and we believe we can stretch this gaming community to another level of excellence. Our company uses GroupMe to stay communicated with every player. This squad of players is a mature group and we range all over the world. (Mostly the United States.) Our players run Arena, Warzone, Warzone Assault and Warzone Firefight. We host Custom Game nights with all the players. We have a few Forge players and we also run GameBattles on MLG. We know there is a place for you on our crew, whatever your game play last may be, we hope to play with you soon.

Guidelines (2017): *Subject to change till further notice*
-Mature/18yr +
-Mic is recommended (Message leadership if experiencing mic difficulties ASAP)
-Check Waypoint Daily (Responds to messages and replies on Company Forum posts)
-Download GroupMe *It's free* (For Mass Extinction Member Chat & Community Chat for connection with players day/night)
-Join the Xbox Club
-You will be booted if your idle for 15 or more days without notification! (Inactive or idle; message leadership ASAP)

Mass Extinction Leadership:
Leader: RomanEx5
Co leader: Deenorayy
Lieutenant: PWEI
Lieutenant: Centurion Slink
Lieutenant: eSports USA
Lieutenant:THE FUNK SHOP

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