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Crazy German Halo Player!

Unofficial Halo History and "what-is-good-for-Halo"-pro for the German-speaking area - made by the german-speaking Community [GER/AUT/SWI]

A spicy morning to all y`aa ladies out there!

As you can read, I am rather the fanatic and crazy Spartan! This may be because of my non-human sleep rhythm or the ten tons of cocoa I drink daily!
Funnily, I have several voices in my head and lead self-talks - and - I am German and do not have fun. What?! Who the hell claims so a crap? I am probably the most relaxed German on xbox live! Okay okay, I had the one or another Ban on XBox live or here in the forum - I'm sorry that I`m human!

Personally, I started playing Halo on March 23, 2002, when I was about 6 years old. But how did I start with that? Well, this is a funny story. My parents and their friends have often invited each other to dinner. And I alone at home? Not a good idea - so they took me with them! My older brother and the son of the friends of our parents then always disappeared into his room. So I asked if I could depend on the big ones.

And what did I see?

They played Halo Combat Evolved. And I was allowed to play with them.

It took years before I was better than my brother, but when I finally made it, he was always pissed off. So we always played Team Doubles in Halo 3. So in 2008, I used to play with the Account of my brother, I was the second Leader of the biggest Halo 3 Clan "German Warfare" - was a really awesome time.

When I startet my own Account in Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST, it was the 20th of February 2010 - some months before Reach! And I was so hyped! I remember how I invited three friends to stay the weekend with me and we played Split-Screen. Always Multi-Team 2v2v2v2. Good childhood memories!

Halo Reach was a new milestone in the Halo Universe.

But yeah - Halo 4 was sadly bad and Halo 5 wasn`t as good as the marketing... That made me really angry.

Now I am playing Halo Wars 2 and apart from the bad story of Halo 5. Now I have the hope that 343 Industries can lead the story to a real end.

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