If you message me here, don't expect a reply. I don't tend to respond to waypoint messages most of the time unless it's urgent. Nothing personal, just being honest.

Don't message me about join requests in regards to deadshot's companies. Any message sent to me about wanting to join through waypoint DM, Discord DM, or xbox live message will be ignored. If you have questions, feel free to ask, but don't flood my DMs with "CAN I JOIN PLS???" Just fill out a request to join if you have any interest in joining one of the spartan companies.

Anyways, I'm just your typical halo gamer that plays mostly WZ/WZFF/BTB. (I'm also a bit harsh with criticism and words at times, but that's nothing new.) I play other games outside of halo, like TItanFall 2, Overwatch, Fortnite (save the world, not battle royale) and Happy Dungeons. I don't really care for art style, if it a game plays well in terms of gameplay, I'll play it.

(That was, until Le Zeny remade it/fixed it lol)

Old Account - xXTheDerpsterXx (the one I used to play Halo 4 and earlier halos. I still use it to smurf, just not often.)

Rank Stats from the halo games that I've played: (NOTE: These are shared between the old and new account. I've played Halo since the good old days of Combat Evolved on the PC, but sadly Halo CE and Halo 2 for windows vista didn't record stats or anything of the sort.)

        • Halo 3: Commander Grade 3 (Didn't play a lot of ranked)
        • Halo Wars 1: General (with the help of my brother)
        • Halo Reach: Reclaimer (Inheritor rank coming soon....TM)
        • Halo 4; Rank 69 on old account - Rank 57 on new one
        • Halo 5: SR 150 (Not planning on grinding for SR 152.)
        • Halo wars 2: Rank 13 - (I don't play this game often)
SPARTAN COMPANY HISTORY (spartan companies that I've been a part of at one point or another.)
GEWP (Link below)
Gibus Engi Wildlife Prot - My Company I created just for lols. (Now disbanded)
Spiteful Warriors Elite (lol)
havocalypse (Disbanded)
bulletproof4life (Mostly disbanded from what I was told)
HLG - (I'm still their radio squeal DJ, don't worry)
Invincible - helped this company finish the Achilles grind, and managed it as an LT
Paradoxical - helping deadshot and others manage this company
Determined - I'm helping deadshot manage this company as well as paradoxical.
Other stuff (social links are below as well):
Mixer account -

2nd/Alt account - xXTheDerpsterXx (used mostly for older halo titles)

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