If you message me here, don't expect a reply. I don't tend to respond to waypoint messages most of the time unless it's urgent. Nothing personal, just being honest.

Mostly playing Fortnite STW until Infinite. Playing Reach and MCC occasionally though, but outside of that, those are the only halo games I play.

Old Account - xXTheDerpsterXx (the one I used to play Halo 4 and earlier halos. I still use it to smurf on other games outside of halo, just not often.)

Rank Stats from the halo games that I've played: (NOTE: These are shared between the old and new account. I've played Halo since the good old days of Combat Evolved on the PC, but sadly Halo CE and Halo 2 for windows vista didn't record stats or anything of the sort.)

        • Halo 3: Commander Grade 3 (Didn't play a lot of ranked)
        • Halo Wars 1: General
        • Halo Reach: Reclaimer (Inheritor rank coming soon....TM.. if I can even be bothered to grind for it.)
        • Halo 4; Rank 69 on old account - Rank 57 on new one
        • Halo 5: SR 150 (Not planning on grinding for SR 152. - Game's dead and overall un-enjoyable for solo play)
        • Halo wars 2: Rank 13 - (I don't play this game often)

Other stuff:

2nd/Alt account - xXTheDerpsterXx (used mostly for older halo titles)

Fortnite STW: Max PL (Power level 131)

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