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"don't hate just skate"


favorite song from Halo is high charity suite - Halo 2

when did i start playing Halo?
i have always been around Halo, my parents would play Halo 1 and 2, i first started playing halo when i was around 5 or 6, the first Halo i owned was Halo 3.

what is my favorite Halo game?
Halo 2. so many memories there

Spartan Company

Relentless Canines

Relentless Canines

can i get an oooh raaah


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Est. 11/2/2017

once I get this Spartan company up and running I will host a game on halo 5 guardians every Saturday at 5'oclock
To join this Spartan company you must have...

    <ul class="ordered">
  1. wetwork/venator armor
  2. Mark VI, or Scout helmets
  3. level 60 or above
  4. fun!
  5. mic (no trash talk)
[/list]now go follow me on Xbox at Devs got a gun1

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