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Est. 11/2/2015

Welcome to Sierra Corps.

Xbox Partner with Clockwork Lotus.

Founded two weeks following the release of Halo:5 Guardians, Sierra Corps' mission has never swayed - to provide a safe haven for players to grow socially and competitively, regardless of current skill level. Our roster is full of dedicated Halo fanatics, from all walks of life who, enjoy playing together, and we'd love to welcome more members who will continue Halo's communal traditions.

There is no definitive clan, colorway, or emblem as of the time of this posting, however, in the future, and with the help of members, through a democratic process, Sierra Corps may implement many of these aspects into the Spartan Company.

Our leadership structure has been created in such a way as to guarantee the democratic principle of "one person, one vote," with each member, regardless of tenure or rank, being granted a single vote in discussions related to the administration of the Spartan Company in the form of legislative proposals that will be posted by leadership on the Discord Server. This has been done so that those with power cannot abuse their power, regardless of position - be they the Leader or a Lieutenant.Those who are acknowledged by Leadership as exceptional managers or leaders will be appointed to handle administrative duties. If you are interested in this kind of management, and can appreciate it for the just system that it is, we would love for you to join us.

Please note: Membership in the Discord Server is mandatory. No member who joins Sierra Corps after August 4, 2017 will be allowed to stay without joining our Discord Server.

As far as activity requirements, there are none, just be sure to attempt to play fellow members whenever you are disposable to do so - as a full-time college student with a job and an internship, I can relate to those who may not have the time to be online very often, but still care very much for Halo.

It must also be clear that Achilles is not Sierra Corps' end goal, but rather, a reward to be earned during the arduous journey required to create a community around Halo 5: Guardians; if you appreciate this, then you're welcomed here.

Please see below for our list of regulations so that everyone is on the same page.

Leadership - Voting to Be Restructured
      • Regulation One - Be respectful and be kind to those with whom you play, they are your teammates, not your enemies.
      • Regulation Two - A microphone is required for cooperative and competitive play.
      • Regulation Three - All new recruits, once accepted into Sierra Corps must join the Official Sierra Corps Discord Server, which will be sent via message through Halo Waypoint by a member of Leadership. A link to the Discord can also be found in the Company Forums on Waypoint.
      • Regulation Four - [Under reconsideration]
      • Regulation Five - Major administrative decisions will be decided democratically, with each member and member of the leadership granted one vote, regardless of tenure or rank. A legislative initiative will be introduced in the #floor_votes channel of the Sierra Corps Discord Server where subsequent voting and discussions will occur. Any member of Sierra Corps is allowed only one vote and may not change their vote once cast.
    • Regulation Six - Potential applicants/recruits must resign from their current Spartan Company prior to enlisting in Sierra Corps in order for Leadership to welcome you into the Spartan Company.
Past Legislation - Aye/No Vote/No

    • 07/17/2017; S.C. 1001 - Sierra Corps/Clockwork Lotus Merger Act - Passed: 4/-/6
    • 07/23/2017; S.C. 1002 - Sierra Corps Motto Change Act - Passed: 5/-/3
    • 08/04/2017; S.C. 1003 - Sierra Corps Discord Compulsory Act - Passed: 8/2/5
    • 08/19/2017; S.C. 1004 - Sierra Corps/Invictus Exercitus Alliance Act - Not Passed: 5/-/13
    • 09/16/2017; S.C. 1005 - Sierra Corps Expansion into Destiny 2 Act - Not Passed: 5/-/8
    • 09/30/2017; S.C. 1006 - - Being Considered

Sierra Corps was Activated on June 23, 2017

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