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The New Generation

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Est. 2/14/2017

Welcome to Kalon

  1. What are we? A: Kalon is a competitive and social military-esque clan.
  2. What do we do? A: We engage in recruitments, training, tournaments, raids and everything else Halo 5.
  3. What is our mission? A: To become the most dominant and most effective Halo 5 clan with the best system.
  4. How do I join? A: You have to either join our Discord, Spartan Company or Xbox Club. (All listed soon)
  5. Who do I message to get started? A: "Kairo" or another leader/lieutenant.
Current bases:
  1. Kalon Dojo (Recruitment base)
  2. Camp Cobalt (Basic training base #1)
Bases in forging:
  • Camp Gravestone (Technical training #1) [In-progress]
  • Camp Daylight (Basic scenario training)
  • Camp Trident (Advanced scenario training #1)
  • Kalon Fort (Outside recruitment base)
- Forging bases listed highest to lowest priority

  • Chief / Kalon leader
  • Noble / Second in charge
  • Honor Guard / Central guard and trustworthy companion to leadership
  • First Paladin / Essentially the main figure and leader of all Paladins
  • Paladin / Experienced, adaptable and has completed all training across the board
  • Soldier (Primary) / Completed all fundamental training
  • Soldier (Secondary) / Completed all of basic training
  • Recruit (Destinguished) / Spartan who has most-effectively completed induction and some training
  • Recruit / Spartan who has completed induction and some training
  • Initial / New member who has just started

1. Common sense and logic.
2. Follow rule number 1.
3. We ain't fussy.

Company Records:

Camp Cobalt obstacle course leader - UncleBubbaNM
Camp Cobalt rock climbing wall leader - UncleBubbaNM

    • JBoY KillzZ 789 (Recruit) - promoted from Initial 14/10/17
    • Crazygunner300 (Recruit) - promoted from Initial 14/10/17
    • UncleBubbaNM (Noble) - promoted from Initial 14/10/17
    • BlockedMeme608 (Recruit) - promoted from Initial 17/10/17
    • AgentSevrous624 (Recruit) - promoted from Initial 17/10/17
    Armour Colours:

    • All primary armour colours start with Clay.
    • All secondary armour colours are dependent on your rank.
    The list of all secondary armour colours via rank:

    Chief/Noble secondary: Vermillion
    Honor Guard: Blue Steel
    First Paladin: Carrot
    Paladin: Pumpkin
    Soldier (Primary/Secondary): Ooze
    Recruit (Destinguished): Salt
    Recruit: Clay
    Initial: Pepper

    Emblem Colours:

    Salt, Celeste in any order.
    Steel has to be the background.

    Map patches/updates:

    - Updated custom powerups scripts to remove infinite boundry abilities at close proximity (17/10/17)
    - Added trait zones to cells on Kalon Dojo to prevent playes killing recruits inside the cells (17/10/17)
    - Updated aesthetics on Camp Cobalt (17/10/17)
    - Started developing Camp Gravestone (17/10/17)

    Updated 17/10/17

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