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Team Head Hunters

Team Head Hunters

Achilles Helmet Bound!

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Est. 10/19/2015


Note: if you are not willing to read below or affiliated with a clan, DO NOT SEND A JOIN REQUEST!

We are a Company who enjoys playing all types of gameplay and is in pursuit of the Achilles Helmet!. We are recruiting at this time for members of the following stature:
-Play H5 Warzone and BTB as all of our 3 commendations left are related to those game types: MARINE KILLS, GROUND VEHICLE KILLS and BUCKLE UPS.
-Plays Halo 5.(anyone that doesn't play H5 for a long time period will be discharged due to lack of participation)
-Must have a working microphone and communicate with teammates during gameplay.
-Have a good teamwork ethic.
-Friend at least the company leader and lieutenants.
-Interested in working to achieve a common goal.

At this time due to our member count being so high, we are being selective about our new recruits. We are highly inretested in members who are hungry to grind for completion of the few commendations we have left.

Once you are enlisted in the company, there is a Team Head Hunters Discord chat channel as well to enhance communication. To join, download the Discord app and send a request to me or the lieutenants. Set your account up with your gamertag as your account name so we all will know who you are...

If you would like to be a part of a great Spartan Team, please PM me or send a join request deleting the default text and explaining what you can contribute to the team and if you were recruited by someone, include their name.

Before sending join requests, ensure you are not in a spartan company. All join requests sent who have other spartan company involvement will be rejected.

Thanks, Rock(Leader)

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