A fairly average guy, working to build a future and have a family. I don't roll with big squads and I'm not spectacular with sniper or banshee. I don't have social media and I am m trying to be a decent person. Here to finish up this Halo 5 achievments and things.

Spartan Company

Legendary Achilles X

Legendary Achilles X


90 Members

Est. 6/29/2019


Attention: We are looking for elite Warzone players! If you are great at Warzone and want to join a company where you can team up and dominate please apply! State that you are a strong Warzone player in your join request!

IF YOU DO NOT PLAY WARZONE DO NOT APPLY (Firefight does not count)

Do not apply if you:
1. Have under 200 warzone games played
2. Are not willing to join our discord server. We discharge weekly anyone not on discord.

We have over 500 active members in our server and are looking for the best of the best. Legendary Achilles X is meant to be one of the most competitive companies in all of Halo.

You need to join our Discord server, which allows you to form teams and chat with all of the players in the Legendary Achilles community. We also have a bot that tracks your stats and company progress.

Requirements to Join:
1. Be active
2. Join our Discord server. The link can be found here (link only works for LAX members).
3. Know what you’re signing up for
4. Respect all members of our community
5. Have a desire to have fun AND win

Please note that although we require warzone play, you are allowed to play other modes at your own pleasure.

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