I've been killing covenant ever sense halo 3 came out. Hell I am still playing halo 1,2,3,4.

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Infection Hub

Infection Hub

Infection Community Company.

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Est. 10/14/2018

The official spartan company of the Infection Hub community channel.
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Check out the Eagle Precursor website where you can check your infection stats. You can also see what the communities been up to by checking out the Users Portal and Records Portal.
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Link to the Eagle Precursor website.

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Check out the Infection Hub channel:
Infection Hub

Meet the Owners:
The Infection Hub team is made of five Halo players (so far), and wouldn't be able to function without the input provided by each and everyone of them.
Calel: Main Editor.
Eagle Precursor: Elder & Website Creator (Streamer).
Foxnami: Lead Admin/ Manager.
Slumpy: Competitive Organiser/ Head of Social Media.
Spoox: Main Montage Editor & Streamer.

Owner's Channels:
Tha Foxy Kid
Eagle Precursor

Featured Channels:
Here's a list of our featured channels that we recommend you should watch for infection content. We want to help smaller channels in this community to grow so that the infection community itself will grow as well. This is why we will be featuring channels from the community here. How to be featured will be explained in a future video that will be linked here,
Channels to Watch:
And Now We Cry

Monthly Updates:
In this section we'll be adding updates on Infection Hub and the infection community.
June Update (Posted 03/06/19)-
Sorry for the delay on the monthly updates, a lot has happened since the last post so let's just jump into it...

First of all we held our May Qualifier on the 18th of May. All the results/ news can be found on our Instagram. In the end Kylo Renegade of won the tournament convincingly with a score of 69 with the closest score to that being Slumpy's 2nd place performance of 45 points. So well done to Kylo! For winning the tournament Kylo is receiving a montage edited by Infection Hub's Spoox. This will be released on the Infection Hub channel in the coming month/s.

Following on from that we introduced two we featured members to Infection Hub. The first was CYAZ x SAGE who provided his new montage: Revenge. The second content creator to join our featured team was And Now We Cry who provided his most recent montage: Fearless. We're proud to have these two new members on our featured team. If you'd like to join our featured team then message us on Instagram, Twitter or by email. You can also message our admins/ owners, those links will be provided at the bottom on this update.

Finally we just held our Battle of the Continents tournament. We held two qualifier matches for both the EU and NA where the top six from both lobbies went on to represent their continent in the finals that was held on Sunday the second of June (basically yesterday). The team lineups had some of the best that each continent could offer which can be seen in this post on our Instagram. In the end Team EU came out on top with a score of 205 to Team NA's score of 160. Team EU are receiving a teamtage for winning which will be made by Infection Hub owner Calel. Along side this was a MVP award where the top players from Team EU and Team NA were chosen, the players chosen were: Rockystar from Team EU and Terrorantula from Team NA. These two MVPs will receive a dueltage from Infection Hub member Foxnami. You'll be able to find these montages when they're released on the Infection Hub YouTube channel.

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