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Spartan Company

Rarest Form

Rarest Form

"Usually good or remarkable"


29 Members

Est. 1/6/2016

Read this whole section, it contains everything you need to know about our company! Updated 4.29.16.

Rarest Form is an ACTIVE Spartan Company that is made up of above average players that focuses on dominating arena game types in Halo 5. We also play Warzone at times, but mainly arena!

We will manily use the free mobile/desktop app "Discord" to communicate, create fireteams, and set up events. It is extremely useful and works on Android, iPhone, PCs, and Macs. Discord is mandatory for this company. Here is the download link:Click Here

Requirements to join:

-Must be active on Halo 5
-Must be able to use Discord
-Must have achieved an onyx rank in any playlist, except FFA, in any season.
-Must be at least 17 years of age
-Must be friendly to all members of the clan
-Must have an overall positive K.D.A ratio

We are looking for players of onyx/champion skill level.

As soon as you're accepted into the company please Click Here and look at the post about Discord in the company forums so you can be join the group ASAP.

We are interested in having scrimmage matches against other spartan companies, message our leadership.

Our company vs other company record is:
4v4 Best of 5: 6 wins - 1 loses
8v8 Best of 5: 1 win - 0 loses

We won't put the name of other companies but we have screenshots and videos to prove our wins.

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