My Xbox Live gamertag is Evilmilkshake x

I'm a daily gamer from the UK, online anywhere between 6pm and 11pm Monday-Friday (London time) and I have the weekends off work leaving me plenty of game time on a Saturday and Sunday

Feel free to add me as I always have time for meeting new people and getting some games in, even better leave me your gamertags and I'll add you!

I'll play just about anything, all l things considered I want to make the most of the game and get as much practice over a variety of game modes as possible

Honestly I may be letting a lot of you down here but my favourite Halo and the addition to the series that I gave the most of my time is Halo Wars and I can't wait for the sequel!

See you out there

Spartan Company

The Aftermath

The Aftermath


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Est. 3/24/2016

NO MATTER WHAT, WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT! There's nothing like a hard fought victory in a good ol' game of Halo. We also play to have fun, but we aim to get better as a team, so we all try to play together as much as possible. Custom games are always on the table as well! We are always down to play new maps and gametypes!

    • Use your headset
    • DON'T be loud and obnoxious
    • Always play to win
    • Have fun!!!
    • Play at least weekly ( does not mean single match per week! inactive players will be removed)

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