I'm known as Ezio Wolf in any game that I play. Iv'e been in the Halo universe ever since the original Halo: CE days. Super Excited to see what 343 has in store for us in the future!

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Noble PC Community

Noble PC Community

Get ready for a great time!


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Est. 4/8/2019

This community is here to have a great time and only that. If you are all about having a bad time then maybe you should look somewhere else.

This is a place where hardcore and casual players can all get along and have tons of fun together.

Once the games are released on PC every weekend we will be having a Community games night full of all different sorts of custom games for everyone to enjoy. Once we get a large enough community we may start to have nightly events and maybe even small competitions.

If you dont want to play any competitions and would rather watch people go at it, that is completely fine because I will stream these competitions through Twitch with no delay and everyone can watch from there.

If anyone has any suggestions they think the community will like feel free to shoot those ideas my way and we can move forward from there.

We cant wait to have you join us in this great community that we are ever trying to build!

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