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greetings, I am fatlesscolt1939, I love playing halo 5 and all other halos, halo is something I really enjoy playing and will be a fan till I die, h5 is my favourite halo so far, I really like most of the decisions 343 has made and look forward to h6 as I think It will be the best halo ever, message me on xbox if you want to play some halo together :D

Spartan Company

Aerial Combat Experts

Aerial Combat Experts

Vehicle Specialists

68 Members

Est. 11/2/2016

It was a good ride, thanks to all those who grinded the for helmet, and those who stayed after Spliced’s departure for halo. See you all in infinite :)

Discord here if you wanna chill >>> DISCORD HERE

Btw we love you Wilk 😘

Aerial Combat Experts or ACE is a company based on Vehicles. This company does not have any real goals other than minor aid of Spliced's Youtube Channel, and the ability to play with other players of similar skill level. There are somewhat strict requirements to join however. This is to ensure that those who wish to join are active and serious players.


        • (MUST) Join DISCORD HERE, this is to stay in contact with others.
        • (Optional) Minimum 1-2 Unfriggenbelievable Medals
        • (Atleast) SR 140
  • (Optional) 30+ KPG (Kill Per Game)
        • Attentive listener
        • (Almost) daily active player
        • The ability to help Spliced with minor requests (Body Actor, Extra Player)
        • (Atleast) Diamond in ranked
If you DO NOT Meet the requirements and still wish to join, provide a message as to why you want to join.

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Spliced : Youtube | Twitch | Twitter
Jellae : Youtube | Twitch
Vaeinz : Youtube | Twitch
FaBe Speed : Twitch

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