Spartan Company

Heresy Ascended

Heresy Ascended

Sanguine, My Brother


100 Members

Est. 3/7/2018

*We are no longer accepting new members. Your request will be ignored

-Members are expected to play a minimum of 20 matches per week. Anything less, and you will be considered inactive and subject to removal

-Members who spend the majority of their time in Fiesta, Warzone Firefight or Custom games will be removed without warning

-Weekly updates are sent out via Waypoint

-We have an Xbox club where company information and play dates are posted

-Members must actively work towards completing Company Commendations

Achillies Armor obtained 12/17/18
Level 1: 31/31 complete (100%)
Level 2: 31/31 complete (100%)
Level 3: 31/31 complete (100%)
Achillies Helmet Progress 96%
Level 4: 31/31 complete (100%)
Level 5: 27/31 complete (87%)

Formed by veterans of The Heretic Uprising, Heresy Ascended was created to continue the grind for Achillies. We currently have a mix of members from all skill levels. We are nearly at the end of our journey. We have put in a lot of work, and soon we will reap the reward!

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