Spartan Company

Heresy Ascended

Heresy Ascended

A THU company


100 Members

Est. 3/7/2018

*We are currently recruiting active players to work towards Achilles

-Members must play at least 10 matches per week to remain active. (Warzone Firefight and Custom games do not count)

-Members must log on to Waypoint at least once a week. Weekly goals are sent out on Fridays

-Members must actively work towards completing Company Commendations

Commendation Progress
Level 1: 31/31 complete (100%)
Level 2: 31/31 complete (100%)
Level 3: 23/31 complete (74%) (Armor)
Level 4: 11/31 complete (35%)
Level 5: 4/31 complete (12%) (Helmet)

Heresy Ascended is a faction of The Heretic Uprising that wanted to remain active after the coveted Achillies helmet had been achieved. We currently have a mix of members from all skill levels. It doesn't matter if you are a THU veteran or someone who is looking to join a spartan company and somehow found our page. All applicants will be accepted as long as they are not already in a spartan company. If you are in a company already, you must leave that company before waypoint will allow us to accept your join request.

"Valar dohaeris"

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