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Halo... yes.

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Gravemind Gaming

Gravemind Gaming

Expect respect


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Est. 3/19/2019


Gravemind Gaming was created with the intention of fostering a mature and respectful community that shares love and appreciation for the Halo franchise.

- GG will exist through PC MCC but is open to an Xbox division when crossplay becomes available!

- GG will be an 18 years or older community.

- GG adheres to a strict no BS policy. Trash talk is totally fine however, racisim, sexism and all the other negative isms have no place in our community.

- GG will have a causal gaming focus including community nights, but will also cater to competitive players with a GG competitive team!

If you’re excited about Halo coming to PC, especially if you’re an old school halo player, JOIN THIS COMMUNITY! You won’t be disappointed!

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