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Extremely Radically Awesomely

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Est. 10/27/2017

Halo Extreme Radical Awesome, or HaloERA is an EXTREMLY exclusive Spartan Company for only the MOST hardcore serious RP'ers (RP is for role playing, look it up). You must post your personal Spartan Bio in the forum (remeber the back story below). Remeber it is a COMPANY RULE that you must stay IN CHARACTER when playing with company members.*** We do not require you change ur GT, but it will help other ppl since they have to call you by ur character name.

(Note you can bring in ur fav chacters from other games/TV, but u must fit it in 2 ur char. backstory! See back story below:)

Obvs it will help a lot if you look at the forum for the character names, but there will be introductions in squad meetings/customs. Assuming you pass the MANDATORY interview with teh company commanders AND basic training. After basic youll be assigned to a squad (see back story)

  1. You must FOLLOW ORDERS. we are very sersious about this, just like the real military.
  2. You must have a mic OR have that you lost ur voice written into your Spartan BIO as part of ur backstory
  3. You must CHoose a UNIQUE ID in the format S###. Check the forum for open IDs
  4. You must have the Seeker helmet unlocked and worn. Any variant is fine but you MUST WEAR SEEKER
  5. Must have a SILVER II or better CSR in any playlist
  6. Females accepted but must be able to pass basic training (NO exceptions, just like real military).
  7. You must be under 25, no old doodz who are to dumb for memes, which we LOVE (for bonus points, write your favorite memes into ur bio!)**
  8. You must not be whiney or 2 immature. No high voices (females accepted from this rule)
  9. **we tried 2 set a min. age but A CERTAIN little brother (Conor) told mom AND dad they "felt bad inside" when they cldn't play
Banned Words:
As professional elite UNSC, members of HaloERA must treat eachother and the chain of command with solemn respect. In addition to cursing and other bad language, repeat usage of the following words will result in a COURT MARTIAL **may be expanded at commander's discretion**:

Scrubs, salt, casual, wood-tier, bad, nerf, donged, blained, teabag, sucks, neogaf, pooped on, hired

Back story:
The UNSC: El REY AUGUSTINE as the secret sister ship to the PILLAR OF AUTUM, used as a prototype for the UNSC INFINITY. It was loaded with the best and greatest stolen Forerunner and Covenant Tech, nuclear missiles, stealth fields, and triplet “genius-class” AIs, Ganymede, Titan, and Calypso. To top it all off, the soon-to-be-renamed EL REY AUGUSTINE with a multi-dimensional quantam filament portal, rumored to be Primordial in origin. After a reverse false-flag dead drop, ONI staged the destruction of the ship so it could be used for spec ops by a small rag-tag group of elite Super Spartans, who re-named it the UNSC: EXTREMELY RADICAL AWESOME after there purpose: to be the best of the best of the best warriors humanity could offer. Spartans are inducted and after rigouros training put into the following squads:

Squad Extreme:
Leader: TCKaos (Spartan G. 007)
Silent, deadly, experts in stealth operations

Squad Radical:
Leader: Prinz Eugn (Spartan M. 116)
The vehicle pros who can land a Pelican on a pencil eraser (343 PLZ ADD!!!!)

Squad Awesome:
Leader: MyExWlFE (Spartan M. 118)
Weapons experts who always grab the sniper and rockets… and know how 2 use them

Squad Conor:

Since we get so many recruits, we regret if there is not enough room, plz try again at another time!

*** kiwis and other australians must pass accent test

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