Greetings, I am Mrovo' Volkrom, leader of clan ShadowBlade, and head of the biggest Sangheili community out there.

If you wish to join our cause for bringing Sangheili groups back together, please, find me on Xbox live and request an invitation to Sangheili Rebellion Community.

If you wish to join clan ShadowBlade, request an invitation to that as well, ShadowBlade clan is for Sangheili members only. Though if you do join ShadowBlade clan, you must also join Sangheili Rebellion Community.

Both my groups have very popular former and current Sangheili fleet leaders in our midst. All of them are trying their very best to help out.

I hope to see you on Halo, for Sangheilios!

Spartan Company

ShadowBlade Clan

ShadowBlade Clan

''We shall not fall''


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Est. 2/24/2017

Hello, my name is Mrovo' Volkromea, leader of this company. I created this company in hopes of bringing Sangheili groups back together again as they once were.

Take this oath and join us.
On the blood of our fathers
On the blood of our sons
To this secret sanctimony of true loyalty
We journey Together into the divine beyond.

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