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I've been playing Halo for 4.8 years, when I got an XBox One. I'm a longtime PC Gamer, now recent convert to XBox, but I've made up for it. For the first year I mostly played Halo:MCC. Then for the second year, mostly Halo 5 (got up to Lone Wolf, Solo Legendary). Check out this little summary of some of my achievements for Halo: MCC and Halo 5 below (including H5 Lone Wolf for Solo Legendary, and even Harbinger). Not bad for a disabled Gamer who can have difficulty moving and controlling their fingers due to a rare variant of young-onset Atypical Parkinson's / SCA, huh? It cheers me up and keeps me going though! Over Christmas 2016 and new year 2017, I went back to MCC to finish any missions I hadn't played (or some that I had played, but it simply didn't Synch to XBox Live the first time), so completing pretty much all the Achievements I wanted to get.


01.00 Sun 28 Oct 2018: Just finished completing the whole Halo 5 Campaign on a Mythic Difficulty Level of SLeTSO (Solo Legendary Ten Skulls On)! "Woo-hoo!" Same enemy difficulty as full S-LASO, just minus 3 player handicap Skulls (no Iron, Black Eye or Blind).

Halo: MCC Rare Unlocks

Specific enemies in order of increasing rarity:
- 1000 Elites, Were it so Easy, 8.87%
- 1000 Jackals, Scavenger Hunt, 8.41%
- 1000 Brutes, Dankey Kang, 4.19%
- Destroy 3 Phantoms in The Covenant, Phantom Hunter, 2.39%
- Kill 20,000 enemies, Thanks a Killion, 2.38%
- 1000 Crawlers, Dogcatcher, 1.51%
- 250 Hunters, Wyrmslayer, 0.68%
- 1000 Knights, Knightbane, 0.14% (unlocked June 2017).
- That Just Happened, Halo:CE's The Library on Heroic or Legendary without dying (0.15%, done on Heroic, May 2018)
- Can't Get Enough, 300 Missions (3.55%, Sept 2018)

Other MCC Achievements:
- Every mission seen in old and remastered graphics in Halo 1 (Before and After, 5.52%), and Halo 2 (Tighten Up The Graphics, 5.25%)
- complete 250 missions, Up All Night, 4.36%
- every mission of every game at least on Easy or above, Herald of Reclamation, 3.97%

Selection of Rare Achievements In Halo 5

This selection also in order of increasing rarity, all being rarer than 3% or less players have done them, including my four favourites in bold (Lone Wolf, My Rules, Harbinger and Hunt The Truth).

- Every mission on solo Legendary, Lone Wolf, 2.54%
- Traversed the Canyon without a Phaeton in Reunion on Heroic, Take a Hike, 2.19%
- Complete any mission with 3+ Skulls active on Heroic, My Rules, 1.55%
- Found and claimed all Skulls, Gravelord, 1.44%
- Found and claimed all Intel, Hunt The Truth, 1.22%
- Finish Evacuation in 18 minutes without dying on Heroic, Fire Drill, 1.04%
- Kept 6 miners alive at the elevator in Evacuation on Heroic, Saviour, 0.94%
- Destroyed the Phantom at the Covenant Camp in Reunion on Heroic, No Witnesses, 0.61%
- Complete The Breaking on Legendary difficulty without entire Fireteam dying (I did this on Solo Legendary), Harbinger, 0.44%

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