Name: "Wolf"

Service #: S-042

Unit: ODST, Spartan-IV, Last Member of Fireteam Oracle

Primary Military Specialization: Infiltration, Marksmen,

Enlistment Date: {Redacted}

Location: {Unknown}

Gender: M

Birthplace: Reach

Birth Date: November 29, 2522

Performance: An expert marksmen, "Wolf" quickly moved up the ranks and was put on multiple high priority missions, some that involved the Master Chief and the Covenant War before becoming a Spartan. He became an ODST halfway into the covenant war and assisted Edward Buck during his campaign on New Mombasa. His ability to stay calm and collected in dangerous missions kept him alive during many missions against the covenant.

Comments: "Wolf" has lost his best friend and his family from the covenant glassing of Reach.

NOTES: "Wolf" is currently on the UNSC Infinity

Spartan's choice of equipment: DMR, Magnum, Promethean Vision

Current Operation: {REDACTED}

Spartan Company

The Devilz Rejectz

The Devilz Rejectz

It's Mikes Fault

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Est. 4/16/2019

We are a chill Spartan Company just looking to get to 152 without grinding requirements. Founding members are good friends that team up often. If you'd like to join please apply with a non generic message, and if someone referred you please let us know in the message. We are a group of friends that started this company and play more than Halo we also play Apex Legends The Division 2 and Madden just to name a few.

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