RANK: Commander
HEIGHT: 171cm
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Brown
A common Spartan mostly unknown for every one, Spartan F-815 has a comportment of few words and who likes to be isolated from the rest of people. With a focused temperament in battle, he prefers to looks for strategy that can be useful in fight. More a thinker than a fight Spartan, the Spartan F-815 prefers to analyze of what resources and equipment he has to use it in the best way possible on battle.

Despite his isolated way to act, Spartan F-815 is always ready to work in teams and being useful to his battle comrades. Despite of the lack of charisma this Spartan it is fixed by his sense of loyalty. Never running out of a battle, the Spartan F-815 prefers give all hi is until the end. The best skills this Spartan has in combat are the Close Quarters Combats and middle ranges, also the preferring of massive combats where the chaos predominates, he prefers using all the resources disposable to win the battle.


  • Harvest Campaign: Also known as the Liberation of Harvest, was a five-year-long campaign to retake the devastated UEG colony world of Harvest from the Covenant.
  • 1st Battle for Arcadia: Was a military engagement fought between the UNSC and the Covenant on the human colony world of Arcadia.
  • Battle of the Etran Harborage: [REDACTED]
  • Fall of Reach: One of the largest and bloodiest engagements in the Human-Covenant War. Counting the battle Szurdok Ridge, Operation: UPPER CUT, Operation: LEFT JAB, the Battle of New Alexandria and the Battle of Asźod.
  • Battle of Installation 04: A series of skirmishes between the UNSC and the Covenant on the surface of Halo Installation 04, a Forerunner megastructure orbiting near the gas giant Threshold. The Flood and the Forerunner Sentinels joined the conflict in its later stages.
  • Battle of Earth: One of the largest engagements fought between the Covenant and the forces of the UEG. It was one of the most important battles of the war, as the fate of humanity depended on the survival of its homeworld.
  • Battle of Installation 05: A major engagement between the Covenant, the Flood, and the UNSC with the aid of Forerunner Sentinels and the Sangheili on the Forerunner ringworld Installation 05, known as "Delta Halo".
  • Battle of Installation 00: The large battle between the UNSC-Fleet of Retribution alliance, the Covenant, the Flood, and Forerunner Sentinels. It was the final battle of the Human-Covenant War and was the last stand of the Covenant, making it one of the few major engagements in the entire war in which the Covenant were on the defensive.
  • 1st Battle of Requiem: Was a series of skirmishes on the Forerunner shield world Requiem. It was waged between the Prometheans occupying Requiem, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant forces and the United Nations Space Command.
  • Requiem Campaign: The second, larger-scale engagement fought on the Forerunner shield world Requiem. It was waged between the Prometheans and their Covenant religious followers and the returning United Nations Space Command.
  • Battle of Kamchatka: An engagement fought between the forces of the United Nations Space Command, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction, and the Prometheans, during which Dr. Catherine Halsey was rescued and Jul 'Mdama was assassinated.
  • Attack on Installation 00: [REDACTED]
Ready for serve and help with pride. I’ll assist any Spartan partner!

Spartan Company

Taco Squad

Taco Squad

Kill the enemy, eat the Tacos.

92 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

Find us on Facebook 'Taco Squad Spartan Company Barracks'

We have a discord server
Please DM 'LaG wAgOn 2012' to get our discord link

we are a committed team and would love for everyone of our Team members here to join our group so that way you are able to keep in touch and let us know when you are online and would like to get a team together.

This company was put together by laggerchong and LaG wAgOn 2012. We started out this Company called Taco Squad and hoping we can recruit as many taco lovers as we can from all over the globe. We don't take the company name seriously, it's not about the greater company name here it's about fun. We do not randomly select our players, we do a statistics check before we come up with a final decision upon recruiting new players. Once you've been selected to join Taco Squad please do Add all members of taco squad, the easiest way to add all members is open up your roster in the main menu and you should find Your Spartan company in the roster then add everyone from there. Everyone here is friendly, good sense of humor and easy to get along with, you'll find that playing with a team is guaranteed domination aswell as Communication, communication is always key!

Our foes are strong but we are stronger, and with our tacos to energize us before we jump feet first into hell, there is no stopping Taco Squad.

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