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"Sprint" does not fit the definition of movement, however. Halo's Sprint is movement without use of weaponry in a single direction. In order to strafe, move backwards, or shoot my dang gun, I must be reduced to a crawl on a massive map. In order to do anything important, I must move slowly on a larger map. This is different than moving slowly on a smaller map, or faster on a larger map. Therein lies one of my greatest qualms with this mechanic.So Sprint isn't a movement mechanic, so what is it? Is it an addendum that now players must stare directly forward and cripple themselves to travel from place to place? Is it a designated "tuck your tail between your legs, spin around and run the -Yoink- away" button? Is it an attempt to fit a mechanic into Halo to pretend it's still relevant, even though, as population charts would indicate, it only stopped being so around 2010?

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