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My earliest memory of Halo was in elementary school, around 4th-5th grade when Halo 2 released. A couple classmates and a teacher kept talking about riding "banshees", which made me picture a side scrolling sheep riding game, haha.

I started playing Halo in 2006, with Halo Trial on PC and Halo 3 with my cousin on his Xbox 360 in September 07. Every Friday and on weekends, along with Naruto Clash of Ninja 1&2, my friends and I would play fun CTF games on Halo Trial online on PC. We eventually bought the full PC release, but for some reason by that time we didn't play on PC as much. But I remember playing CTF by myself on "Grease's Server", fun times.

In the meantime, my cousin and I had great fun playing social BTB (ctf Sandtrap ftw) in Halo 3, and watching machinima (our favorites were Darskpire Films "Matchmaking" series and soFallenFilms' "[MW2 Character] Plays Halo 3" series. Although I hoped Halo Reach would be just as fun, I found it to be somewhat dull and very boring compared to our experience with Halo 1 PC and Halo 3.

Having never owned an Xbox, but having loved Halo CE PC and (briefly) H2Vista, I was looking forward to a PC release of Halo 3 since 2008. Needless to say, after feeling neglected for over a decade in this regard, I am absolutely hyped for MCC finally making its way over to PC and on Steam no less, which I dreamed about after Halo 1 PC's production ended. I hope 343 doesn't let the PC crowd down, and I can't wait to go through a rejuvenated classic Halo experience on PC. Hoping for split screen too!

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