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Well, it's been a good few years of gaming since I encountered Combat Evolved, I was late to the party only finding out about Halo when Halo 4 was in the works, but I love the series to death! I have now read quite a few of the novels and watched the films and played most of the games, the story is truly legendary!

And this community is amazing!

Spartan Company

45th Demolitions Corps

45th Demolitions Corps

We break it, you buy it


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Est. 6/15/2018

45th Demolitions Corps
Hello, and welcome to the Demolitions Corps. This company is for me and my friends. We aim to make it lore friendly and perhaps it will become a well known and respected company at one point. Who knows what the future holds?

I have made this company for new players and older players such as myself (I do suck at Halo 5 though, I'm still accustomed to Halo Reach]) to bond and have a good time.
This group is about team work, I have created this for older players to help newer players.

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