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Ruthless. Destructive. Amazing. Yep, I'm none of those.

Spartan Company



A Monument to all your Sins

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Est. 1/18/2016

/////Cronus Company

Cronus company was created for people who wish to complete all of the company commendations without having to follow a strict structure that requires them to participate in community events. Everyone is welcome, from players who wish to play alone, those who wish to find online friends or those who already have a group and just want something to work towards, this company is designed to be suitable for everyone. We are friendly and are always looking for new recruits to join us and you could be our next member, so if this seems like the company for you please feel free to send us a request!


You must be an active member - if you are not active enough or become inactive for too long you will be removed from the company, the more active you are the more secure your place is. Currently we look at activity on a monthly basis. The more games played during that period the better. Since we have achieved Achilles we are less concerned with weekly activity. Please have fun, enjoy Halo for the game it is. We will be ramping up once Halo Infinity (Halo 6) release date is available. Look for updates in our forum and discord channel.


We would prefer players that are skilled and who can play on a regular basis. Also please put in a personal message when sending a request, you may be rejected if you send a default message.


Achilles Armour piece (Obtained on 16/6/2016) - You can no longer earn the armour piece with us.

Achilles Helmet piece (Obtained on 11/27/2018) - You can no longer earn the helmet piece with us.

/Additional notice: Must have activity with a 4 week period.

All requests will be responded to within 24 hours.

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