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Sept. 5th, 2017: I am now a college freshman!

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Until Halo 6

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Est. 7/18/2016

Adamant was one of the first - and one of the most successful - Warzone companies on Halo 5.

Due to the game becoming dry and new games being released, Adamant's company activity has been low over the past several months. The goal for Adamant is to create friendships and hold out until Halo 6, where we will have another shot at becoming a top company.

Despite there being few Halo 5 lobbies being made nowadays, feel free to apply to Adamant. If you put in a good application and you are a good player, you might be accepted.

Please note that you need to have a headset in order to join.

We have a Discord server that you can join by asking our leader, Divinity.

You'll find most of us pubstomping BTB on Halo MCC, Halo Reach, and sometimes Halo 5 if you ever want to get into our lobbies.

Renegade JW from the HCS pro team Splyce is a member of Adamant!

Happy Haloing!

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