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My Spartan

Service #: MDUnit: Classified

Primary Military Specialization:Marksman

Enlistment Date: 2549

Location: New Mombasa

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Reach

Birth Date: 2537

Performance: Highly trained in the art of stealth and CQC

Comments: By the book Spartan, speaks rarely NOTES: Spartan Tanner, known to be in the famed group ERIDANI FLEET, Spartan Tanner is in contact with the famous Spartan Fireteam blue, by having an encounter with Spartan 117 John, in the events of The fall of Reach, Tanner and John have been in contact since, Spartan Tanner escorted his fireteam to the Pillar of Autumn Ahead of Noble Team.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Armor, Full MJOLNIR Mark lV. Weapon, Sniper and Shotgun

Some of your spartans previous engagements: Covenant on Reach and Halo installation 1, 2

Current Operation: Classified

Spartan Company

xIron Companyx

xIron Companyx

Mess with one you get Company


4 Members

Est. 8/4/2020

Infantry Branch
The Infantry Branch consists of the main combat arms force of Iron Company They can be counted on to be at any battle and conduct most wars. Infantrymen can expect to spend most of their time focusing on improving their skill set and the implementation of large term engagement tactics. Iron Company Members that branch into the Infantry are assigned in the 1st Infantry Battalion or the 2nd Infantry Battalion. As an Infantryman, they will be deployed with their teams to face the enemy in close combat

Primary Infantry Duties:
-Engagements against possible threats to this Milsom
-High Endurance Raids (Scheduled Raids)

Special Forces Branch
The Special Forces Branch consists of all the special mission units. They are responsible for deploying commandos to install insurgencies, train foreign assets, take out high-value targets, and provide precision support to other Iron Company troopers on high-value missions. Members that transfer into Special Forces are assigned to the 3rd Brigade Support Battalion or attached to an existing Element. As a Commando, they will be deployed to provide specific skills to another unit or to execute precision missions to close with and destroy the enemy.

Primary Special Forces Duties:
-Insurgency Development (Inspiring revolts in target clans)
-Unconventional Support in Raids (Identifying base infiltration points)

Military Intelligence Branch
The Military Intelligence Branch consists of all the spies, informants, analysts, and reconnaissance operators in the Milsom. They are responsible for conducting intelligence, counterintelligence, and operational intelligence. Members that branch into Military Intelligence are assigned to the 1st Infantry Battalion, the 2nd Infantry Battalion, or the 3rd Brigade Support Battalion. As an Operator, they will be deployed to gather actionable intelligence on enemy compounds (force recon ops), gather intelligence inside a target clan (deep cover ops), prevent enemy intelligence assets from breaching Iron Company (counter intelligence ops), and support the 25,812+ file DATABASE (sustainment ops).

Primary Military Inteligence Duties:
-Force Recon and Rapid Assault Operations (Surprise Raids)
-Deep Cover Operations (Joining a target clan recruitment to gather actionable intelligence)
-Counter Intelligence Operations (Preventing hostile agents from causing internal damage)

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