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I am focused on issues with consoles only:
The Xbox section of this video (near the end) show just a bit of how inconsistent and frustrating the performance can get sometimes

I will leave this comment here until 343 Has fixed Halo: CE and Halo 2 anniversary stuttering, frame rate drops, and general performance issues on the MCC collection. It is unacceptable for an Xbox one x to run this poorly, and is likely because of Halo: Reach, and having the MCC menu on a different engine.

This the ONLY way to play all these games on console with a greatly needed 60 fps.....which have now become a frustrating and inconsistent (dropping below 30 fps on missions like Halo 2 anniversary "The Great Journey" and "Regret") experience to those who want to enjoy the remastered halo: Ce and Halo 2, as well Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4. I have also noticed Halo 4 having some performance issues in the jungle settings. If adding more content to the MCC on console affects the memory and performance of the game, DO NOT add more content until it is in acceptable condition. I would be absolutely okay with a separate game for Halo: Reach on the Microsoft store, it is no nuisance.

This issue cannot be ignored, unless you would like to have to play the MCC with consistently irritating issues. I really enjoyed my time when i first bought.....but now it is very hard to pick up the game, knowing that if I want to play the trilogy or halo 4, I will likely have many stuttering and cannot enjoy the environments. I only play to complete everything on legendary.....but after that, probably wont touch it.....or I will just be stuck playing on the original graphics a lot of the time.

I understand this may take a lot of time, and patience is key....but this cannot be abandoned. I support the Halo Infinite delay as it was a smart idea, and hope 343 will understand how many people use the Master Chief Collection on Xbox to enjoy the Halo games from past generations with remastered/original graphics, with a mostly smooth 60fps experience.

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