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Playing Halo since 2001.
Old gamer from Germany.
46 years, slow reflexes, mediocre aiming, never host, still kicking -Yoink-.

Spartan Company

Survive at all cost

Survive at all cost

Death is no option.


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Est. 1/26/2021

Halo Infinite Clan Rules

No randoms. No friends. Only survivors.
When we play, we survive. At all cost.

Way to play in this clan:
  1. Tactical
    Know what to do and why. Outsmart the enemy.
  2. Defensive
    Aggression is the downfall of those lacking the required skill to play aggressive.
  3. Supportive
    Help your mates out. Flank. Double Team. Focus Fire.
  4. Know your role
    A team has no need for selfish solo players.
  5. Prove to be battle tested
    K/D over 2
  6. Dont die.
    If you die a lot, youre not a spartan. You just wear their armor.
  7. You dont join.
    You are invited.

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