Yo What Up! I'm Hulk!
So here is a little bit about me...

So I been Gaming since Halo 2 and throughout the franchise. Im all about Teamwork and communicating that is why I love playing on big teams there is more fun and killing for everyone.

I mostly play popular shooter games. Any of those continuing in the future you can count me in...

  • Halo
  • Call of Duty
  • Battlefront
  • Battlefield
I'm a married gaming Dad in TX with 4 gaming kids that don't play online but getting there.. hehehehe... Im online everyday when I get home from picking cotton or taking care of the family first.

I'm real laid back you can just ask the squad more about me they will tell you....
I can get loud every now and then but that's just the gameplay if someone is chasing after me with a sword or vehicle im running for my life and yelling...

Other than that I'm real cool to game with... Im the type if I get online Im inviting and waiting for members to join. If not I will go in solo until we group up. When I get on I game for a few hours of the night.

If you want to know more about me just ask me...

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