Spartan Company

Wreck Station

Wreck Station

Energy Level 11

76 Members

Est. 3/7/2016

Congratulations to everyone that his been here from the start, as well as the new folks that helped finish the commendations. It was definitely a long haul, took plenty of time, but now everyone can wear that glorious helmet. Good job!
Achilles Armor: COMPLETE
Achilles Helmet: In-Progress
Current requirements:

Games/Week: 20
KDA: 3.0 or higher
SR: 100 or higher
Be active! Play with the company. Get to know each other.
(We check stats and player activity)

Who Are We?
A group of dedicated Halo players who enjoy every part of the game.

Want To Join?
Send a request with your SR and your reasons for applying. Please do not send the base request.

Founders of the Company
Soeyo Round, munk07, PIunder

Company Roles & Leaders

(Leaders are the main driving force of the company. Actively checking company stats and player activity, as well as adding and removing players)

(Recruiters are people/players that keep flow of new recruitments by actively seeking people out)

(Elders are people/players that have stayed within the company for long durations of time and have shown their loyalty and determination towards an ongoing goal)
If you want to be considered for a role in the company, message a leader, and something will be arranged accordingly.

Company History:

        • 3/06/2016 - Tilted Gaming was formed, to save the name
        • 6/15/2016 - Reached 100 members and began progress on commendations
        • 7/21/2016 - Changed name to Wreck Station
      • 9/16/2016 - Achieved the Achilles Armor
Point of Contact: Message "munk07" or "MissVenom07" on Xbox or Halo Waypoint.
(Preferrably Xbox)

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