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Hello there! I'm a 20-year old tier one degenerate from good ol' Wisconsin and have been playing Halo since Halo 4, and have since been hooked on the franchise and beaten every campaign on legendary (except Halo 2 for... reasons...) My favorite campaign is Reach and I'm very hyped for halo infinite. I put fun first and try to remember that it's a game and not a life or death scenario on whether I win or lose. I can sometimes be a bit reckless during matches, often running into battle guns blazing without a plan, then laughing at my own failure. Huge Star Wars fan, if you couldn't tell by the name.


Sniping is for cowards, look me in the eye when you kill me.

I like sprint.

Don't leave a game just because you're losing.

Spartan Company

117 Ways To Die

117 Ways To Die

Fun First

75 Members

Est. 1/2/2018

We have completed the Armor.

A group of casual players, grounded in our friendships and branching out to new players.
Many of us have played since Halo: CE and are mature gamers.
We're happy to encourage camaraderie among all Halo players, but in order to enable our members to relate to each other we have an age requirement of 16+. We may accept members below that age, but they must be accompanied by a family member who is 16+ who also joins (such as a parent or older sibling who also plays).

We play both MCC and Halo 5.

Interested in joining a group of fun players, not looking for anything super competitive, but happy to turn it up a notch when required?
  • Send a personalized request - default ones will be rejected. Please include your age.
  • Also, please add AshamanND as an Xbox Live friend.
  • We'll ask you to join our Discord via PM before you join.
  • If accepted, please browse through our forums, and review our Company Guidelines.
Our Discord is home to our overall Halo Community. This Company on Waypoint is specifically for the Halo 5 branch of our group. If you play both games or only Halo 5, please apply here! If you play only MCC, please apply to 117 Ways To Kill.
If you can't play at least one match of Halo 5 PvP a month, simply send AshamanND a message, otherwise you may be removed. We're looking for people who actually want to play together, after all!

117 Ways To Kill has been established to house any overflow, inactive and PC only members.

Please note: If you are looking for an Achilles grinding Company - that isn't us. It's not our focus. If you are wanting to achieve the Achilles helmet quickly, you are probably best to find a different Company. However, we plan to get there eventually, as a by-product of playing and enjoying the game.
We already have the armor. You cannot get it if you join now.

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