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Est. 2/24/2019

Since I mostly play firefight I wanted to bring the experienced players who are interested in playing warzone firefight together with other experienced players. Why carry your whole team wasting rare vehicles on warden eternal while your teammates only use assault rifles? Instead play with challenging teammates who are serious about firefight. We are not looking to be a spartan company who is striving to be the best at social, arena, or warzone assault game modes. Yes you are allowed to play those game modes whenever you want at your own free will. You may also leave and return to this spartan company. You may also recommend other serious firefight players.

Our Goals?
• Team with players who love playing halo firefight.
• Try to improve your performance at Legendary or Mythic firefight.

Rules / Requirements ?
If you find yourself having devious tendencies to troll other players then maybe this spartan company is not for you. If you accidentally run over a member it takes a short moment to apologize. Although firefight is a cooperative experience it is also a competitive game to see who can get the most points.
• Headsets are not a requirement.
• You do not have to escort or lend teammates a weapon/vehicle to win if you don’t want to.
• You do not have to change your colors, armor, emblem, or service tag.
• Do not deliberately flip vehicles, run over spartans, shove vehicles, block, or kill competitors to get ahead in firefight.

Most spartan companies I read like to have a dedicated attendance putting in a ridiculous amount of hours. I don’t think that’s a good idea for this spartan company.
• You are not expected to play firefight. • No dedicated attendance necessary.
• No unhealthy amount of hours required. • Just play whatever game mode you like at your own convenience.

We don’t play on Heroic difficulty because it has become a bit too easy. We mostly play on Legendary or Mythic but if you’re interested in joining please let us know why. Mythic can be very frustrating even if you are experienced at Legendary. I’m sure we would be glad to have you and I look forward to playing with you.

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