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Wolf PAC 2019

Wolf PAC 2019

Get money out of politics!


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Est. 7/13/2016

In the USA, bribery is legal.

The Democratic Party is corrupt. The Republican Party is corrupt.

Currently, in order for a politician to win a election, they need money. As an example, 90% of congressional races are won by the candidate with more money.

What does this mean? It means billionaires, millionaires, giant businesses and corporations get to pick which politicians win and lose. And what these big money sources want is detrimental to the bottom 99% of USA citizens and the world. They want tax cuts for themselves, they want to lower wages, they want to pollute the world with no restriction, and will do whatever they can to make more money, even if it means causing pain and suffering.

In order to get money out of politics, a amendment to the Constitution must be passed. There are two ways to achieve this.
  1. Ask Congress
  2. Article V convention asking states to pass it.
Congress is corrupt and bought off by big money. The only option left is a article V convention.

Wolf-PAC is fighting for a article V convention and already has 5/34 states to begin the convention.

Visit and donate and volunteer.

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